When to enlist an Internet Marketing Agency

Why An Internet Marketing Agency Is What You Need

We've become so adept at using digital tools like apps, smartphones and social media that most of us think we can figure anything out on our own. Why then, with our daily use of digital tools and applications, would a company need to enlist the services of an Internet Marketing Agency?

DIY Digital Marketing vs. Doing It Like An Expert

Even in the age of DIY website builders, an internet marketing company will save you boat loads of time in getting the client noticed by a wider range of potential customers. Marketers know how to use social media, websites, and advanced tools to optimize the way that word-of-mouth gets out.

While do-it-yourselfer marketing is certainly possible, consulting marketing experts can mean the difference between booming business, average business, or even going under.

Anyone Can Do Social Media, Really?

Avinash Kaushik, digital marketing evangelist at Google, author and co-founder/Chief Education Officer of Market Motive wrote a band-aid ripping thought piece on his blog that challenges businesses to quit organic social media cold turkey and instead only do paid social media. It's a hard truth, but the hard truth is he says:

"You have better alternatives to drive short and long-term Profitability for your company (rather than investing in organic Social Media)."

We meet businesses large, small and everywhere in between who think that only posting organically will do the trick. It's hard to convince them to have a healthy social media advertising strategy in the mix, but that's only because they believe that social media is as easy as it is to use as a regular user. There is a whole other realm behind the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the public sees. Figuring out all the complexities and facets takes years to learn and master. We say, there are better ways of using our clients' time than having them figure out and run their social media.

What A Marketing Team Looks Like

An Internet Marketing Company is usually filled with a team of experts of different areas such as web design, social media, content Amplification, graphic design and SEO, all of which put together draw internet traffic to the clients. Usually generating a diverse client base, many of these internet marketing companies are versatile and enjoy branching out to serve different types of clients. Being flexible and adaptive benefits clients. Specializing in one type of client can silo an internet marketing company and reduces their ability to see and anticipate beyond a specific industry's benchmarks, needs, etc. 

Consultants are important for growth, which is why we offer consulting services, but if you have to solve big problems and don't have the budget to hire staff to manage your website, social media and online advertising, then you need to hire an expert to do all those things for you.

In all, an Internet Marketing Agency is the first step towards skyrocketing your business’s customer base.