Social Media Disclaimer

Social Media Disclaimer   - Not 100% Full-Proof

The intended audience for a social media disclaimer are online users. The disclaimer notifies users about everything possible that you could get sued for in layman's terms.

The Purpose of Social Media Disclaimers

The purpose of a disclaimer on social media is to protect the organizational social media pages or accounts across the internet. They are especially vital for organizations that are highly regulated and work with the private information, such as the healthcare industry. 

Where Does a Social media Disclaimer Go?

Some companies have a page on their website that they direct people to for their social media disclaimer. Others have a copy of their social media disclaimer as a tab on their official Facebook company page. 

What a Social Media Disclaimer Needs Most

Most people will ignore a social media disclaimer, but it is still important that you have one in the event your company or small business gets sued for something related to information shared on social media.

These are must haves for a social media disclaimer:

  • user-friendly language that is comprehensible for those who do not understand legalese
  • cover roles and responsibilities of the individuals responsible for the social media accounts
  • (depending on your industry) compliance regarding use and safety of user information and other concerns
  • state that your company has the right to reserve comments or other posts that is deemed inappropriate

Final Thoughts 

Whether it is placed on your Facebook page only or spread all over your social accounts, a social media disclaimer does not guarantee that your company or small business cannot be sued. It documents that your organization has social media governance in place and implements the tenets. Disclaimers are about transparency, showing that your company or small business cares about developing open and honest communication with its audience. They tell a user that you are on your game and care enough to give a heads up so that when an individual visits your Facebook or one of your social accounts, that you will to the best of your ability protect their interests as well as those of your company, so there can be rich dialogue and exchange online.

If you're not sure how to go about implementing a social media disclaimer, we can offer you counsel on the most efficient way of setting one up for your social media. It never hurts to ask an expert.