Apple's Great Expectations: What happened to showing us what we never could have imagined?

I must say that I was really excited about this year's Apple Announcement. Like many of us, I've come to expect the exceptional from Apple because they've surpassed expectations for over a decade. Why did this year's event have so much anticipation?

The Geoffrey Pyrzynski #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE 

On his honeymoon, Geoffrey was challenged to the ALS #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE and he accepted once returning back to Tinley Park.

Accompanied by his wife, Stephanie Pyrzynski, they carried out the deed for everyone to see. With his iconic last line of "The cold never bothered me anyway" from his favorite movie, Frozen, ice and icy water was poured on him in the benefit for this charity.

Businesses That Go The Distance In The Digital Marketing Age

There are some places you never forget about. 

Maybe it's the ice cream shop in your hometown where you grew up? Or maybe it's that late night restaurant everyone went to for stinky fries back on your old college stomping grounds. Or maybe it's that remarkable antique shop you found while on vacation in that old world town. Whatever type of business it is, this place holds a lot of memories for you and if you're ever nearby you want to stop in or at least pass by and see if it's still there. It's those businesses that stay open
for generations that are usually the ones that stay as good at what they do and make as the day they started. 


The question is, what does it take to stay in business for a long time? 


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