Handling Social Media As US President Handling Social Media as U.S. President

Inauguration day is symbolically the transfer of power from one president to the next, but there's another transfer that takes place that day too: a transfer of social media. 

Optimize Images To Speed Up Your Website

Image Optimization To Improve Website Speed

Another one of the bulkiest files for websites to serve up are image files. These files tend to slow down a website’s load speed as they take such a long time to load.

Website Speed Increase With Async And Defer

Use Async And Defer To Speed Up Your Website

JavaScript and CSS files can be some of the largest files on your website. While they are needed for the functionality and the look of your website, they can also slow it down pretty intensely. In a previous article, we talked about combining and minifying these can help with increasing the speed of your website, however, there are 2 more methods that you can use to help improve the website performance with regard to these files — async and defer. 

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