Does Search Engine Optimization or Web Design matter more in building a website?

Do you know the difference between Web Design and Search Engine Optimization? 

 SEO VS. Web Design, Which Matters More to Your Business Bottom Line

Before we go in to that, we have to understand what each service is. Both of these services help each other, but at the same time it feels like they pull on each other in different directions. Sometimes, web design teams can feel stifled by SEO teams. Likewise SEO teams can feel like they are not being heard by web design teams.

 Losing Time in Promoting Your Business

When it comes to being productive in business, we first look at time don't we? 

The most precious thing we have is time, and we don't like to waste it. 

Defining Business Success Is Difficult These Days

Since technology has disrupted all industries how profit is made has changed. How success is defined has changed too.

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