Website Speed Optimizations

Website Speed Optimizations in CMSs Part 3

Now that we know what the advantages and disadvantages for each of the three main speed optimizations are, we are able to make the appropriate applications to sites. However, not all of the optimizations can be in place at the same time without breaking the site, losing functionality, or even slowing the site down.

Module Caching

This can be paired with page caching as well as compression. It does work well on it's own, but it can work together with with compression or page cache. This only applies if the site does not need it's modules refreshed. 

Page caching

This optimization works well with both Module caching and compression. Usually if module caching is enabled, then so can page caching. This option cannot be enabled if the state of the site will change based on the user viewing it or if there are moving images on the site. 


Compression does not work well alone. By itself, will slow down a site as it will take time to compress all of the data. This optimization technique works best with Page Caching enabled. It can work with module caching to an extent as module caching will take snapshots of the page. Those snapshots can be compressed and transported over. This technique really shines when both module and page caching is enabled to compress the data and then send the smallest possible package over to the visitor. 

If none of these can be applied, it is best to see about splitting the items on a page amongst other pages. Chances are, there will be too much going on for your visitors as well and giving them a more focused experience will help them move from page to page more efficiently.


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