Case Study: Building a Brand Roadmap for Successful Social Media Reputation Management and Programs for a Healthcare Organization

Geoffresh Inc. 

June 2017

SEO is the corner stone of an effective website, but social media is the corner stone of a successful online brand image. We were able to help a healthcare organization turn the boat around for their online image by developing a brand roadmap for online reputation management and helping them set up and manage all aspects of their social media profiles. This case study covers the first year (2015) of our ongoing work with our client on their social media reputation and programs.

Case Study: 

Improving the Health of a Healthcare Institution’s Website

Geoffresh Inc. 

October 2016

Enhancing your online presence starts with having a healthy website.  

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Google Expanded Text Ads SEM Case Study

In August of 2016, google had released an update to its standard text ads. These took the ads from a single headline of 25 characters, and two description lines of 35 characters to two headlines at 30 characters and a single description line at 80 characters. This was a major change that came with the claim that CTR could increase dramatically. We decided to test it out to see if there is a massive performance increase with these ads. We approached some of our exisiting clients to try out the nw format to see if there was an increase in performance.